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Technical and general documents

We translate technical documents from all the main areas of industry: automotive, machinery, energy, IT, engineering, medicine, telecommunications, patents, contracts, regulations, etc.

Other areas of general interest in which we also specialise include information leaflets, tourist brochures, marketing texts, websites on a wide variety of subjects, advertisements, correspondence and literature, to name but a few.

We can work with any kind of application, in any medium. Just give us a call and we will deal with your request on a totally individual basis.

Sworn translation

Our sworn translators, who are all officially recognised by the Spanish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, are responsible for translating and officially authorising legal documents.

Software localisation

We can localise user interfaces, online support, printed documentation, etc., all of which allows your product to reach its target market, seamlessly adapting software to other languages and cultures.

Multilingual projects

Thanks to our project managers, EUROMIX can co-ordinate multilingual projects where several translators work alongside one another, exchanging glossaries and other linguistic resources. This allows for high levels of terminological consistency, and allows us to carry out large-scale projects in various languages, without ever compromising quality. This group working method, carefully co-ordinated by a project manager, means that you benefit from centralised organisation within our office, from where we work with experts in both the language and area of expertise required.


We only use specialists with recognised qualifications in:

Simultaneous interpreting
Consecutive and liaison interpreting
Legal interpreting

All you have to do is get in touch with us, and we will arrange for our interpreters to travel to wherever you need them.

   Other services

Language courses

Faced with increasing focus on international expansion, a characteristic of so many businesses nowadays, EUROMIX has designed tailor-made training courses, with contents and timetables which are totally adaptable to the business or institution concerned. If you would like to receive some more detailed information, please get in touch with us, and we will explain the content and structure of these training modules.

Other services which we offer are:

Proofreading and editing of texts

Practical application of corpus

Creation of specialised glossaries

Tutorials on the use of computer-assisted translation tools (e.g. Trados, Transit)

Training programmes on machine translation postediting, as well as dictionary creation (e.g. SYSTRAN, PROMT)

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