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Take a look at the following websites, if you are interested in:

Machine translation, post-editing, controlled language and reviews of translation software: , ,

Most recent trends in automation: Translation Automation User Society (TAUS): ,

Website localization, i18n, g11n and translation in general: , , ,


A sample of works published by Lorena Guerra, our Project Manager and senior English-Spanish translator/proofreader:

•  Human Translation versus Machine Translation and Full Post-editing of Raw Machine Translation output. Master's Thesis IN: Dublin City University, 2003.

•  Benefiting from an imperfect yet evolving language technology: Machine Translation . Published IN: Multilingual Computing and Technology Magazine, 2004.

•  Review: Machine Translation with @promt Professional. Published IN: ITIA Bulletin, 2003.

•  At the 7th Annual LRC Best Localisation Thesis Award, the panel decided to give a special mention to Lorena Guerra for a very well-reasoned MSc thesis submitted to Dublin City University on Human Translation versus Machine Translation and full post-editing of raw machine translation output.

•  Following in the footsteps of Jeff Allen, ( ), Lorena has a passion for machine translation and other translation tools.


Other links and sources of interest:

-Royal Spanish Academy (RAE):






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