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Lorena Guerra is our main project manager, but she is also a senior translator, proofreader and MT posteditor with 15 years of professional experience.

Mrs. Guerra has a Bachelor of Arts in English Language (Universidad de León, Spain), a Master of Arts in Translation Studies: Spanish>English (Dublin City University, Ireland) and other translation related courses that prove her academic background. Since October 2015 she lives in the UK, where she is working as a full-time freelance translator. Her native language is European Spanish/Castilian, and her pair of work is English-Spanish.

Some clients and freelancers refer to her expertise as follows (

  1. “Proactive attitude, very careful to details, very committed and reliable” (Jeff Allen, 2005)
  2. “An amazing translator: always professional, dedicated, thorough, never missed a deadline. Could not be more satisfied with her work and attitude. Most definitely a keeper!” (Cintia Pecellín, 2006)
  3. “Lorena is a pleasure to work with, a true professional” (Pablo Grosschmid, 2007)
  4. “Always professional, respectful and excellent to work with” (Sandra Holt, 2008)
  5. “This is an excellent technical translator with whom I have worked for more than six years” (Global Connects, 2013)

Feel free to download her CV available here, or to have a look at some of her first writings about MTPE.

•  Human Translation versus Machine Translation and Full Post-editing of Raw Machine Translation output. Master's Thesis – IN: Dublin City University, 2003.

•  Benefiting from an imperfect yet evolving language technology: Machine Translation . Published IN: Multilingual Computing and Technology Magazine, 2004.

•  Review: Machine Translation with @promt Professional. Published IN: ITIA Bulletin, 2003.

•  At the 7th Annual LRC Best Localisation Thesis Award, the panel decided to give a special mention to Lorena Guerra for a very well-reasoned MSc thesis submitted to Dublin City University on Human Translation versus Machine Translation and full post-editing of raw machine translation output.

Don‘t hesitate to look over this comprehensive list of publications of Jeff Allen, our colleague & an expert in the translation industry;

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